Welcome back to QCIR 2023:

Sustainable Pathways to Reconciliation

2023 was the year we finally got back together after three long years of being apart. And we loved every second of seeing your faces light up while we talked about forming new connections and practicing Reconciliation and decolonization in our daily lives. 

This year, we were all about Sustainability. We know that for some, that word mostly brings up ideas of environmentalism, but we wanted to change the way that we thought about sustainability, and to make it more synonymous with durability and longevity, because if we are going to build meaningful Reconciliation, it is going to have to be sustainable. 

Scroll on to find some of our favorite quotes from the 2023 conference, who we spoke with, and what conversations we had. 

2023 Conference Program
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This is a conversation about Sustainable Pathways to Reconciliation. The idea of ‘sustainability’ might conjure ideas of environmentalism for many, but we won’t be limiting ourselves to this theme. Of course, environmentalism is a necessary part of the conversation, but for us, sustainability is about durability, flexibility, and resilience.  

How do we make the steps that we take towards Reconciliation meaningful and lasting? What resources do we need, and where are they most needed? Who needs to be brought more intentionally into the conversation of both colonizers and Indigenous peoples? What learning and unlearning needs to happen before we can say we are moving in a sustainable direction at all?