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Every year, our core planning team encourages our marketing and communications team members to reach out to prospective media partners to try to spread our message as far and wide as we can. We not only welcome, but encourage engagement with different organizations and their audience. Explore this page for information about our mission and more. 



The QCIR is committed to the promotion of Reconciliation in all facets of life in what is now known as Canada, with specific attention to the legal and business spaces.

Conference 2024

Our 2024 conference will be our 5th annual conference - a big milestone for us. This year we'll be examining the theme: Innovative Collaboration. Read on to learn more. 

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Who we are & what we're doing

The QCIR is a completely student-run organization focused on learning and advocacy in Reconciliation in so-called Canada. Our team comes primarily from the Smith School of Business and the School of Law at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. 

In 2023, we welcomed an incredible 184 attendees to our conference - 120 chose to participate in person, and 64 chose to attend online. It will remain our goal to continue to grow the number of people who are able to attend each year, and view this number as one of our crowning achievements, signifying that the conversations that we are attempting to spark are, in fact, reaching an ever-broader audience. Our attendees tend to split approximately 50/50 between students and professionals, and then split fairly evenly again between our two schools. 2023 was also the first year that we saw student attendees from other universities, including the University of Ottawa and Toronto Metropolitan. 

Our conversations heavily emphasize Reconciliation in law and business, but we have also begun broadening our scope in an attempt to capture as many attendees as possible, recognizing that not only does Reconciliation have to happen in every facet of our lives, but also that the law and our businesses are directly informed and shaped by the things we do beyond these two fields. 

We invite anyone interested in connecting for a media partnership to contact for more information about what we plan to do this year, and what we've done in the past. We also encourage you to visit, in particular, our 'past conferences' pages for an overview of the discussions we've had in previous years. 

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