This year, we're focusing in on Sustainable Pathways to Reconciliation. We'll be hosting leading professionals in the field on February 10th and 11th, 2023

We hope to see you there, but until then, find us on whatever social media site you like best to stay as up to date as possible.

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Welcome to

QCIR 2023

Our Roots

Before we were named the Queen’s Conference on Indigenous Reconciliation, we were inspired by and hailed from the documentary Reconciliation on Bay Street. In its first year, the conference hosted just under 100 delegates, and focused on top-down system change, rather than grassroots organization. This was done for two reasons: first, to demonstrate career paths to Bay Street for Indigenous students, and second, to host conversations on how the ideas of the ‘higher-ups’ directly affect the daily lives of those off of Bay Street.  

From the beginning, the conference has focused on Reconciliation and building positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in business and in law. Over time, and depending on the composition of our executive committee, the annual theme of our conference has changed to either be more focused on business or law, and recently has begun to look to broader horizons to seek Reconciliation in more areas of our everyday lives. 


Whether you are a newcomer to these conversations, or you are already comfortable in this space, we believe you have something to offer and something to gain from this conference.

Where we're going

This is a conversation about Sustainable Pathways to Reconciliation. The idea of ‘sustainability’ might conjure ideas of environmentalism for many, but we won’t be limiting ourselves to this theme. Of course, environmentalism is a necessary part of the conversation, but for us, sustainability is about durability, flexibility, and resilience.  


How do we make the steps that we take towards Reconciliation meaningful, and lasting? What resources do we need, and where are they most needed? Who needs to be brought more intentionally into the conversation, of both colonizers and Indigenous peoples? What learning and unlearning needs to happen, before we can say we are moving in a sustainable direction at all?


These are the questions that we will be repeatedly asking ourselves, our speakers, and our delegates this year, in the hopes that this conversation will further Reconciliation efforts both in our individual lives, and as we strive for broader institutional change. We urge participants to seek out the work of Indigenous scholars, legal and business professionals, and community organizers, and to put what you learn in the course of this conference and in your own pursuits into action.

Our conference is a student-led initiative, ratified under the Law Student’s Society at Queen’s University. Our executive team is made up of students from both the law school and the Smith School of Business, along with other faculties. This conference is accessible to both students and professionals in any field or institution. We hope to create the opportunity to learn about Reconciliation in so-called Canada, and that our conference will offer resources for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through a series of panels and workshops held by leading professionals in the field. While our focus is on Reconciliation in law and business, we will also be hosting panels and workshops with more general themes. Our goal is to equip our attendees with the network and knowledge to transform their ideas into action.

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Conference Format

The COVID-19 pandemic has been ongoing for over two years now. We are very hopeful that we will be able to host you all in person this year, or at least as many of you as possible. 

Of course, the pandemic isn't over, different people have different needs, and we liked being able to host delegates from coast to coast. So this year, we'll be planning a hybrid conference, and you'll be able to choose how you attend. Meet us on or near campus, or through Zoom. As we get closer to the conference, we'll have more information on date and time, and ticket options. 

What can we tell you for sure? We have a tech team eager and ready to make this conference the most accessible yet, and to do it as smoothly as possible. Have a couple questions? We're more than happy to answer what we can, so shoot us a message using the email link below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we have answers. 

Meet the Team

We hold two rounds of applications for our executive teams each year: first in the spring at the end of the winter term, and second in September for the roles we don't fill in the spring. You can find the formal mandate for our club and each of our team members on the next page. 

We're so excited to meet you all!