The Queens Conference on Indigenous Reconciliation was inspired by Andrée Cazabon's documentary Reconciliation on Bay Street

The conference focuses on economic Reconciliation and building positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in business and in law. Whether you are a newcomer to these conversations, or you are already comfortable in this space, we believe you have something to offer and something to gain from this conference. 


Formerly the Reconciliation of Bay Street Conference, the Queen’s Conference on Indigenous Reconciliation (QCIR) focuses on building relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in corporate Canada and in law. The conference seeks to provide delegates with the resources necessary to promote economic reconciliation and greater inclusivity across all sectors and industries in Canada.

This year, QCIR will include two virtual events. The first online event will provide delegates with the opportunity to begin considering some of the current barriers to realizing economic reconciliation, as well, the role that we, as future lawyers and business leaders, must play in helping to overcome these challenges. The second virtual event will be a half-day conference that will give delegates the opportunity to explore these issues further. Both events will feature an expert discussion on economic Reconciliation as well as practicing alliances and allyship into our professional careers.

More information coming soon…