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Call for Submissions

We're trying something new this year, and for the first time ever will be looking for creative, scholarly, or opinion pieces to publish in conjunction with our 2024 conference. 

Submission deadline for the 2024 volume is September 30, 2023

We Want to Hear from You

The Queen’s Conference on Indigenous Reconciliation is very excited to announce that we will be launching a new initiative this year! Starting on June 1 and running to September 30, 2023, we are seeking various written works focused on themes of Reconciliation. 


Selected works will be invited to our research fair which will be hosted during the 2024 conference in early February in Kingston, Ontario. Authors may also be invited to participate in one of our panels. While submissions are open to all students across what is currently Canada, only those who identify themselves as Indigenous in their submission will be asked to speak at our conference.


Submissions may be in one of three categories. Op-eds will be selected which are informal, reflective, and discussion prompts. Scholarly works will be selected which have been thoroughly researched and which are either argumentative or in the form of a literature or case review. Creative submissions may be in any creative medium, from written submissions to artistic works or recorded performances. 


As a final note, submissions will not be offered an honorarium for either publication or participation or participation in the research fair. However, those who are asked to speak will receive an honorarium at par with other conference speakers (traditionally $100), and any participants in the research fair and/or publication process will receive full entry to the conference without charge.

Submission Requirements

_ Maximum page count: 15 pages, double spaced. There is no minimum page count.

_ Submission format: Word Document, PDF, JPEG, or MP4

_ Title of work

_ 100-200 word abstract describing the work

_ Your name, any titles, and current study program (for each author). 

_ One point of contact for submissions with multiple authors

_ Whether you would be willing AND ABLE to participate in our research fair

_ Entry must be identified either as an op-ed, scholarly work, or creative work (i.e, poems, narratives, photo

    essays, and other creative forms)

_ McGill citation format must be followed for any legal works, and APA 7 must be followed for all other. 

_ Entry must have a central theme of Reconciliation, and follow the annual theme: Innovative Collaboration

Submission Process

Between June 1 and September 30, respond to the google form linked at the top of this page to submit your work. Our team will review works on a rolling basis and you may hear back from us about your submission before the September 30 deadline, but do not be discouraged if you do not. 


Submissions will be reviewed and edited between October and January (please note that our team will be working at a greatly reduced capacity from mid-November to the end of December to accommodate exam schedules). Final formatting review will take place at the end of January or in early February. 


Any works selected for the final publication will be released on our website and to our conference participants approximately one week before the conference.

If you are unable to make your submission via the google form at the top of this page, please email your submission to answering the same questions asked in our form. 

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