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At long last, our registration for QCIR 2024 has OPENED! Keynote, panel, and workshop announcements will be made on our social accounts, linked above. 

I need more info

How much will tickets cost? How many tickets are there?

Just like last year, we will be offering a tiered ticket system

  • $10 for the basic ticket. This grants you access to events during the day on Saturday, February 10th from 8:30am to 5:00pm, including our light coffee service and lunch. 

  • $5 to add our creative exhibition to your ticket. This will allow you full access to all events on Friday, February 9th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. 

  • $10 to add the evening plenary to your ticket. This includes the final panel exploring how we might move from a duty to consult model to an equity ownership model, as well as dinner and an invitation to the closing of the Sacred Fire. 

  • You will also have the option to add a donation to your ticket purchase this year. Simply select the "donation" option, and add to cart with the amount that you would wish to donate. 

There will be a limit of 120 tickets sold for the basic ticket. Some additional tickets for the creative exhibition and evening plenary will be available as well, separate from the basic ticket. 

What events will the conference have this year? 

Some of our events aren't quite finished going through the planning process yet, but we do have the themes for each of our events: 

  1. The morning plenary will focus on Indigenous internationalism

  2. Intellectual property

  3. Economic self-determination

  4. A language session

  5. A negotiation workshop

  6. Northern resource issues

  7. Environmental management and ownership

  8. Indigenous legal traditions as law

  9. Embodied Indigenous legal pedagogies and the Royal Proclamation

  10. Indigenous student mentorship

  11. Transitioning from a duty to consult to equity ownership

This are additional to the creative exhibition held on Friday, February 9, and the Sacred Fire which will be kept burning from the opening of our conference to its close, from Friday to Saturday. 

What's the theme of this year's conference?

This year we've titled our conference Innovative Collaboration. We'll be looking most closely at the ways that we can bring different people and organizations together in an effort for Reconciliation across business and legal practices.

Does your conference include Indigenous student leaders? Are your speakers Indigenous?

Our conference includes Indigenous student leaders, and we make sure that most if not all of our speakers are Indigenous. At the very least, our speakers must be proven experts in the field of Reconciliation. We do not ask our team to self-identify, but you will find that some have chosen to do so on our Meet the Team page. 

Who can or should attend the conference? 
What's the conference format this year? Will we be online? 

We are designing our conference so that anyone, from any background can participate. We welcome students from any institution, professionals from any organization, and the general public to attend. We are also working to make sure that no matter what knowledge level you are at, you will find a panel or workshop at all times throughout the conference which is interesting to you. 

We loved being able to host people from coast to coast last year, and so have decided to deliver QCIR 2024 in a hybrid-style format. When you register for our conference, you'll be able to choose whether you'll be attending online or in person. Of course, we've learned our lesson from COVID, and all attendees who select in-person attendance will also receive the link for the option to join online, just in case. 

You will not be permitted into the venue if you are displaying symptoms without a mask.

I have some accessibility needs, how do I make sure those are met? 

We have a new role this year, the Delegate Coordinator, who is the main point of contact for accessibility for our conference. We are taking every effort to make sure that we're already a step ahead when it comes to accessibility for our conference, but of course, our knowledge base is not perfect. If you have any concerns, please email, and we'll either get back to you with our solution, or reach out to talk about what will work best for you. 

Where will the conference be held? 

Our conference will be held between three venues this year. 

On Friday, February 9, we'll gather at the Outdoor Indigenous Gathering Space at the south end of Tindal Field for the lighting of the sacred fire which will burn throughout our conference. From there, we'll make our way to Goodes Hall Atrium for our creative exhibition. 

On Saturday, February 10, we'll be at Queen's Law building at 128 Union street for all of our sessions held in the day. We'll be taking over the second floor of the building. Our plenary dinner that evening will be held back in Goodes Hall Atrium, and we'll also revisit the sacred fire to close out or conference. 

Online participants can expect to join on Zoom. 

Still have questions? 

Email for more info. 

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