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Planning for 2024 is underway

But we're not quite ready for you to register just yet. We'll likely open registration mid-November, so check back then. In the meantime, we welcome you to check out the rest of our website, or to find us on X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Registration will open soon.

I need more info

What's the theme of this year's conference?

This year we've titled our conference Innovative Collaboration. We'll be looking most closely at the ways that we can bring different people and organizations together in an effort for Reconciliation across business and legal practices.

Does your conference include Indigenous student leaders? Are your speakers Indigenous?

Our conference includes Indigenous student leaders, and we make sure that most if not all of our speakers are Indigenous. At the very least, our speakers must be proven experts in the field of Reconciliation. We do not ask our team to self-identify, but you will find that some have chosen to do so on our Meet the Team page. 

What's the conference format this year? Will we be online? 

We are very hopeful that we will be able to host you in person this year. This said, the pandemic is still ongoing, and different people have different needs. For this reason, we are planning for a hybrid-format conference, with simultaneous delivery of both in-person and online content. Read more about our ticket options in the next section to find out more. 

How much will tickets cost? How many tickets are there?

We are not ready to share this year's ticket pricing, but it will likely be similar to last year's pricing, which you can find below. 

Online tickets are $5.00.


For in-person attendance, if you choose to only attend the panels and workshops, your ticket will cost $8. You can then add attendance to our opening event, a gallery exhibition wine and cheese, for another $2. Finally, if you come to our closing event, a formal dinner with our main keynote, we'll be adding an additional $10. If you choose to attend all three portions, your ticket will cost you a total of $20. 

We understand that some people will have different financial accessibility needs. If you are interested in attending our conference, but are concerned about the ticket price, please do not hesitate to reach out to

While our online participation option will have unlimited tickets, our in-person option will be limited to 70, and once tickets are sold out, we won't be adding more. 

Who can or should attend the conference? 

We are designing our conference so that anyone, from any background can participate. We welcome students from any institution, professionals from any organization, and the general public to attend. We are also working to make sure that no matter what knowledge level you are at, you will find a panel or workshop at all times throughout the conference which is interesting to you. 

I have some accessibility needs, how do I make sure those are met? 

We have a new role this year, the Delegate Coordinator, who is the main point of contact for accessibility for our conference. We are taking every effort to make sure that we're already a step ahead when it comes to accessibility for our conference, but of course, our knowledge base is not perfect. If you have any concerns, please email, and we'll either get back to you with our solution, or reach out to talk about what will work best for you. 

Where will the conference be held? 

We do not currently have a venue booked for our conference, but it will likely be held on or near campus. 

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